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  • As a hiring manager, I have to interview 200 people to find five qualified candidates. The truth is that even though technology changes quickly, developers don’t always keep up with it. Many do not do any learning on their own and only "learn" when their current employer starts using a new technology. It’s easy to find people that can do five-year-old technology, but it’s tremendously difficult (and expensive) to get people that are already capable of doing one-year-old technology. I’m not going to gamble with top-level salaries and have to train someone who assures me that they are "fast learners." So the truth is that there is a shortage; a shortage of people who are above-average in qualifications.
  • It’s a typical victim mentality: The world owes you something and you don’t need to take any initiative yourself. If someone is asking for $120,000 per year, they should prove to me that they’re worth it by taking the time to learn technology for which they are seeking employment. If it’s so easy to learn, then why not do it on your own when you start a job search? I have deadlines on my projects and I can’t afford to wait months for someone to ramp up. If I want a ramp-up person, I expect to pay for that, which is usually $30,000 less per year. Bottom line: don’t tell me it’s easy to ramp up and expect the money up front. Do the work up front, then expect the money. As a potential employer, I don’t owe you anything. I only owe my current employees something. And they are very well taken care of.

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