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Tizor Systems has agreed to allow its intelligent data auditing and protection product, Mantra, to be used by database administration company Ntirety in a new managed security service package.

The new product, dubbed Remote DAS (Data Auditing Service), will provide Ntirety customers with compliance assurance, data monitoring and information theft detection by monitoring, auditing and reporting on all critical database activity, including privileged user activity, in real time.

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Ntirety specializes in monitoring and administering mission-critical Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases. The agreement with Tizor enables Ntirety to expand its services to include round-the-clock real-time database auditing and monitoring, advanced analytics for database theft detection, and forensic database analysis services.

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“The need for monitoring and reporting on critical database activity has grown,” Michael Corey, founder and CEO of Ntirety, based in Charlestown, Mass., said in a statement.

“By partnering with Tizor, we can offer a high-value solution that cost-effectively addresses our customers’ needs in the areas of data protection and compliance. This partnership allows our customers to track all users, including Ntirety database administrators, to provide them with further confidence that their critical data assets are secure,” Corey said.

Ntirety and Tizor officials said the new MSS model enables organizations to better protect critical data assets while satisfying a variety of compliance mandates, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Data Security Standard.

“Data auditing has become a strategic imperative and many enterprises are increasingly relying on the managed service model to provide expertise and operational efficiencies,” Joel Rosen, president and CEO of Tizor, based in Maynard, Mass., said in a statement. “This partnership bridges these needs and provides a comprehensive monitoring solution, combined with the technical and operational expertise to extend the benefits of Mantra to enterprises that choose an MSSP approach to managing and protecting their critical data assets.”

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