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Apple and IT security

1 - Apple Devices Creating Blind Spot for IT SecurityApple Devices Creating Blind Spot for IT Security

A recent study finds that most Apple devices used at work have little or no supervision from IT. A surprising percentage of these devices are employee-owned.

2 - Prevalence of Apple Devices in the WorkplacePrevalence of Apple Devices in the Workplace

45% of workers surveyed use at least one Apple device for work. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of those devices are user-owned and are employed to access work email, corporate documents and business apps.

3 - Use of Macintoshes Inside the EnterpriseUse of Macintoshes Inside the Enterprise

More than half (59%) of Macs are used to access confidential company information, with 65% of Macs being used to access sensitive or regulated customer information.

4 - iPhone and iPad UseiPhone and iPad Use

Just over half (51%) of iPhones in the workplace are used to gain access to business apps; 58% of iPads in the workplace are used to gain access to business apps.

5 - Level of Security Applied to Apple DevicesLevel of Security Applied to Apple Devices

A little more than half (51%) of all devices are secured by a password that is merely a single word or a series of numbers. What’s more, 58% of devices also do not have software installed to enforce strong passwords.

6 - Password Sharing Among Apple UsersPassword Sharing Among Apple Users

More than half (56%) of users report sharing their passwords with others. People are especially prone to sharing tablet devices with friends and family.

7 - Use of Password ManagersUse of Password Managers

Only 17% of Apple devices have a company-supplied password manager. Without a password manager, employees default to keeping passwords relatively simple to remember and, of course, guess.

8 - Use of Device Management SoftwareUse of Device Management Software

Only 28% of Apple devices have company-provided device-management solutions installed. Without it, end users can pretty much install any app they want without taking IT security into account.

9 - Encryption on Apple DevicesEncryption on Apple Devices

As in most IT environments, there is not much use of encryption to secure data. Only 35% of Apple devices have encryption of stored data enforced by their companies.