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As the Web services Interoperability Organization turns 2 this month, the group is looking forward to releasing new drafts and tools. Since establishing a base set of specifications for creating interoperable Web services in the past year, the group is now looking at how it will handle attachments and security.

WS-I now offers developers the flexibility to use their preferred method of handling attachments. The group last fall decided that SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) HTTP bindings information didn’t belong in the 1.0 BP (Basic Profile) and took it out, said Tom Glover, president and chairman of WS-I, based in Wakefield, Mass.

“What we’ve done is split it away into a different profile,” Glover said. “We have a draft of BP 1.1, which, in essence, is BP 1.0 with some fixes and with the SOAP HTTP bindings stripped away.”

WS-I has Basic Profile 1.0 complete and drafts of BP 1.1 and an attachments profile. “We should have final profiles in the second quarter of the year,” Glover said. Sample applications and tools will follow by six to nine months, he said.

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