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Larry Ellison

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It’s getting nasty out there. Between Oracle’s Larry Ellison threatening to cut business ties to HP, and HP and Dell’s extended bidding war to buy 3PAR, plus a brutal battle in the field between players such as HP and Cisco to win highly-coveted data center  business, big vendors are increasingly going negative.

And while some in the industry respect some of these plays, others think that this kind of negativity ultimately hurts business. Here are some excerpts of a few comments on a recent Channel Insider story covering the HP, Oracle fight over Mark Hurd:

“Kudos to HP for having the intestinal fortitude to protect its intellectual capital and their shareholders interests. Oracle should be ashamed for multiple reasons.”

And another:

“Shame on both companies! Since HP knows Hurd well, but doesn’t want him, and Oracle thinks they need more business he can bring in, why not work together to enhance revenues for both companies on collaborative projects?”

, and please add your own. We’re interested to learn what you think about the whole thing.

Do you think one side is right in this escalating battle between Oracle and HP? Why or why not?

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