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TIBCO Software, a leader in AJAX, Web services and service-oriented architecture technology, is teaming up with the Direct Web Remoting project to extend event-based SOA to the browser, the principals involved said.

Moreover, Palo Alto, Calif., company announced that it has become a sponsor of DWR, a popular AJAX communications library. Through this sponsorship DWR will help developers more easily expose Java objects as Asynchronous JavaScript and XML services and extend the use of message- and event-driven SOA beyond the bus and into the Web browser via real-time AJAX services, TIBCO said.

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Kevin Hakman, director of product marketing for TIBCO General Interface—TIBCO’s AJAX Rich Internet Application tool kit—said TIBCO will work with DWR founder Joe Walker to provide ready-made integration points between DWR and TIBCO General Interface. And TIBCO plans to facilitate the extension of DWR so that it can function as a JBI (Java Business Integration) standard service engine and be deployed on TIBCO ActiveMatrix, the company’s service virtualization platform.

The combination of DWR and TIBCO General Interface will enable the creation of things such as editable grids, real-time events and notifications, and streaming data, Hakman said.

Walker said the opportunity to work with TIBCO will help push DWR further into the enterprise.

“DWR is a rapid way for Java developers to expose Java objects as simple AJAX services without the need for additional configuration or transformation,” Hakman said in a statement. “We have many customers already using DWR with the General Interface AJAX library. With DWR’s reverse AJAX capability, messages and events can be pushed from the server to the browser so that Web applications can also have real-time notification and streaming data features.”

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