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1Proving IT Value Demonstrating a Channel Partners Worth

Employee ProductivityTraditionally measured by sales per employee, employee productivity is boosted 14.4 percent by a 10 percent increase in data usability.

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Employee ProductivityThe median sales per employee of those organizations studied by UT researchers was $388,000. Improving the way employees are able to use data stands to increase this number by $55,900 per employee each year.

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Return on Equity (ROE)An indication of the business’ ability to grow, ROE tends to increase by 16 percent with a 10 percent jump in data quality and sales mobility.

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Return on Equity (ROE)An organization with the study’s median net income of $410.47 million can make an additional $65.67 million in net income each year through better data management.

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Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)This metric measures the efficiency in allocating capital to profitable investments. Researchers say it stands to edge up by 1.4 percent with a 10 percent increase in sales mobility.

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Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)If it held its capital constant at $2.144 billion, an average Fortune 1000 business would increase its net income by $5.4 million every year through improvements to data sales mobility.

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Return on AssetsThis measures a company’s ability to efficiently use its resources to generate income and increases by 0.7 percent as a result of a 10 percent improvement in intelligence and remote accessibility.

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Return on AssetsAn improvement in data management allows the average Fortune 1000 company to squeeze out an extra $2.87 million of additional income out of the business’ assets.