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1OnForce First Quarter Indicators The Promise of 2010 Tech Sales

Employment numbersThe unemployment rate remained steady at 9.7 percent or 15 million people with 162,000 jobs added in March, compared to 36000 lost in February and 20,000 lost in January.

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Consumer confidenceIncreased from February to March to 52.5. In February the index fell to 46.0 and in January the index was at 55.9.

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Global IT Market GrowthForrester Research is predicting slow growth this year – a rise of 8.1 percent in U.S. Dollars and of 5.6 percent in local currencies.

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PC shipments returnGartner forecasts PC sales will grow by 20 percent in 2010.

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Printer Market RefresherIDC predicts pockets of growth in the printer market.

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Slide 6: OnForce Work Order Volume Top CategoriesPC desktop increased by 29 percent (and by 27 percent compared to total work order volume in Q4 2009)TV/Video grew by 16 percent year over year, but remained flat compared to Q4Network jobs increased 14 percent year over year, but decreased 16 percent from Q4Printer work increased by 12 percent year over year, but only 9 percent from Q4.

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Pricing StabilizesWork order pricing stabilized for the fourth quarter in a row at $114 per work order.

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New Installations vs. Break/Fix WorkInstallations and break/fix work orders in the first quarter stayed consistent with Q4 numbers, accounting for 32 percent and 62 percent, respectively of total service events for the quarter.

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: Printer Work Orders GrowThe printer category enjoyed the biggest percentage increase in work order volume of any IT or consumer electronics category.

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Lowest Paying TV and video work saw the lowest hourly rate index (HRI) in any category.

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: Security PaysSecurity jobs had the highest work order value for the second quarter in a row at $388.44.

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Audio and Network/Server Also PaysAudio and Network/Server tied for the highest hourly rate index among all categories.

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VOIP and Telephony VOIP and telephony jobs were the least expensive on-site service category with an average work order value of $87.80.

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ConclusionsThe market is showing signs of improvement with promising indications in the pipeline and a stabilization of prices.