IT vs. Business Roles in the Cloud and Mobile Era

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1 - IT vs. Business Roles in the Cloud and Mobile EraIT vs. Business Roles in the Cloud and Mobile Era

A new study finds that a large percentage of IT pros and business execs believe decisions about technology focus more intensely on business objectives.

2 - Budget ControlBudget Control

Only 19% of companies said IT still owns the entire tech budget. Business units often have their own funds: discretionary (33%), split evenly with the IT function (20%), the majority of the budget (9%) or complete control (19%).

3 - Decision-MakingDecision-Making

57% of business execs said tech objectives are more business-focused, compared with 48% of IT respondents. What’s more, 33% of business respondents said the final decision on technology is made outside the IT function, compared with 29% of IT respondents.

4 - IT Confidence Remains HighIT Confidence Remains High

79% of IT respondents are “extremely” or “highly” confident in their ability to apply technology to business goals.

5 - IT Still Drives DecisionsIT Still Drives Decisions

70% of all respondents said IT still has a primary role in tech decisions, while 28% believe it’s a level playing field for all departments.

6 - New Business GoalsNew Business Goals

54% of all respondents said the top criteria for new systems is to improve innovation/build new products, followed by reaching new customers/markets (51%), speeding up processes and operations (49%), improving internal communications (40%) and lowering overall cost (40%).

7 - Gaining KnowledgeGaining Knowledge

Business units are gaining knowledge about available technology from personal research (53%), internal IT department (51%), business events (47%), technology events (41%), peers (38%) and third-party firms (34%).

8 - Rogue ITRogue IT

Only 41% of business units with their own technology budget use it to procure technology on their own or start independent projects with outside firms.

9 - Positive RelationshipsPositive Relationships

52% of business respondents believe “there is a good relationship between the IT function and all business units,” and 44% said “the IT function plays a critical support role in our organization.”

10 - Becoming Better PartnersBecoming Better Partners

60% of business respondents would like IT to have better knowledge of business objectives, better communications of IT concerns (52%), accept/explore ideas from business units (50%), make proactive tech recommendations (45%) and build a catalog of services (32%).

11 - Learning CurveLearning Curve

Integration is still difficult with cloud/mobile adoption. Top difficulties include integration taking longer than expected (45%) and integration costs exceeding budget (37%).

12 - Mobility DriversMobility Drivers

The top changes mobility is driving in front-end systems include increased demand for workflow efficiency (42%), greater development effort (41%), greater focus on user experience (41%) and new processes for mobility availability (39%).

13 - Data ChallengesData Challenges

The biggest factors contributing to data challenges include the skill level of analytics tools (49%), tracking data through various systems (46%), storing large volumes of data (46%) and extracting data from new sources (46%).

14 - Security ConcernsSecurity Concerns

The biggest factors contributing to security challenges include understanding the new threat landscape (57%), preparing plans for possible breaches (48%), integrating new technology for security (48%) and educating the workforce on security issues (45%).

15 - Cloud ChangesCloud Changes

The cloud is driving changes in data storage (40%), expectation for lower costs (35%), less tolerance for downtime (34%) and new processes for migrating cloud systems (33%).


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