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1How IT Can Help Improve Healthcare

94 percent of doctors said their patients at least sometimes forget or lose track of potentially important things they are told during doctor visits.

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34 percent of the doctors said they themselves at least sometimes forget or lose track of potentially important things that their patients tell them.

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About three-quarters of doctors say they’d prefer a computer-based means of sharing patient information with each other; only 17 percent use these means today.

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Only 5 percent of doctors today use computer-based means of sharing records with their patients&#151nearly half say they would prefer to move to that method.

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74 percent of doctors said patients should be able to share their information electronically with their doctors and other practitioners.

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Among the public, 10 percent reported currently having an electronic personal health record (PHR)&#151up from 3 percent reported in Markle’s 2008 survey.

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70 percent of the public and 65 percent of the doctors agreed that patients should be able to download their personal health information online.

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Only 4 percent of doctors say that they currently provide all their patients an online summary after every visit.

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70 percent of the public said patients should get a written or online summary after each doctor visit, but only 36 percent of the doctors agreed.

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70 percent to 80 percent of both patients and doctors support privacy-protective practices, such as letting people see who has accessed their records, notifying people affected by information breaches, and giving people mechanisms to exercise choice and correct information.

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65 percent of the public and 75 percent of doctors agreed that it’s important to have a policy against the government collecting personally identifiable health information for health IT or health care quality-improvement programs.