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1Eight Travel Apps for Smooth Sailing

GateGuruWhen every terminal looks the same as the last, Gate Guru guides the way. This handy utility directs travelers to the nearest gate amenities and allows users to rate shops, restaurants and more so that you know just where to stop for grub or toiletries before stepping on the jetway.Platform: iOS, AndroidPrice: FreeLink:

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WhizzerWhatever they call it where you are–the toilet, loo, WC, latrine or whizzer–the public bathroom can be one of the most elusive places to find when you’ve got to go in an unfamiliar town. Whizzer offers a convenient location-aware app to keep from being caught with your pants up.Platform: iOSPrice: FreeLink:

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City Maps 2GoSure, Google Maps and other GPS software is great when traveling but what happens when service is spotty or foreign data charges threaten to put you in the poorhouse? City Maps 2Go solves that problem by offering offline maps that you can download before departing.Platform: iOSPrice: $1.99Link:

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RailBandit Using RailBandit means never having to say you’re sorry for being late to a big-city meeting. Specializing in light rail, subway and train schedules in the U.S. and Canada, RailBandit is a godsend for out-of-towners unused to NYC’s subways, the Beltway’s Metro or BART in the Bay Area. Platform: Android, iOS, BlackBerryPrice: $8.50/yearLink:

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MetrOWith thorough transit maps and routes built into its system, MetrO offers a convenient way to make sure you never miss a bus or train while traveling for business or pleasure. Unlike RailBandit, MetrO offers information for cities around the world.Platform: iOS, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, PalmOSPrice: FreeLink:

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Wi-Fi FinderSearch the more than 500,000 free and paid Wi-Fi spots from 144 countries listed in this app’s data banks to find the most convenient spot to log on and get work done before meetings. Platform: Android, iOSPrice: FreeLink:

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My TSAIf you’re a make-it-to-the-gate-in-time-by-the-skin-of-your-teeth type of traveler, streamline your procrastination process a bit more by checking out the user-submitted security wait times within the new My TSA app.Platform: Native iOS or mobile web Price: FreeLink:

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TaxiMeDon’t get taken for a ride–use TaxiMe instead. The tool helps you keep in mind how much typical cab fares will cost in the town you’re visiting to make sure you’ve got enough cash on hand and that your cabbie stays honest in his route-finding.Platform: iOSPrice: FreeLink: