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1Domino Bots

Your IT security guy will get a kick out of your geeky reference to his battles with botnets with this cutely designed set of dominos.$15.00

2Novelty Computer Keys

Whether you’re the IT guy or just a regular old finance person, just about any computer user on the planet has at some time or another wished they could hit the WTF key.$13.00

3Etch-A-Sketch Case for iPhone

Bring back your gift recipient’s more innocent times even when the boss is calling them to complain about network outages with this super cool phone case.$24

4Voodoo Doll Toothpick Holder

Accept the fact that your help desk person has imagined your death along with that of all of your password-forgetting compatriots and roll with that thought with this cleverly thoughtful purchase.$10.99

5Sugru Hacking Putty

If your gift recipient has a modified computer case with any kind of neon lights or owns a soldering iron, bets are he or she will think this putty compound is the bees knees.$18

6Equal Measure Measuring Cup

Most IT folks got into technology because of their inquisitive nature. Play to their strengths with a kitchen implement that tells them just how many grains of rice are in that scoop for dinner.$11.99

7Like and Dislike Stamp

Let your geek officially voice her opinion on company documents or household bills, Facebook style, with these blue-ink stamps.$12.99

8Zombie Desktop Bowling

Geeks round the world can practice for the zombie apocalypse while managing the network devices with this fun desk toy bowling set.$19.99

9Caffeinated Nixie Tools

Who wouldn’t love to relive their childhood sugar rush experience with an extra dose of caffeine to keep the buzz rolling longer?!$7.99

10Candwich Canned Sandwich

If you’re looking to amuse some geeks with the absolutely nerdiest stinker of a white elephant gift, go for the Candwich. This bad boy will be passed around like a canned hot potato.$4.99