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1Disappearing Desktop

Prankster replaces the mark’s desktop image with a screencap of said desktop, while removing all desktop icons. After repeatedly clicking on the screencap icons to no avail, the mark is convinced his computer is hosed.

2Mouse Mayhem

Prankster surreptitiously plugs a wireless mouse receiver into the back of the mark’s machine. The mark wonders why the heck her pointer keeps moving with a life of its own.

3Bluescreen BS

Thank Microsoft for this one. Prankster downloads a special bluescreen of death screensaver. Mark believes his computer bit it.

4Keyboard Khaos

By going Regional and Language Options within Windows and choosing to remap a keyboard layout, a wily prankster can easily make it very hard for the mark to type up his office memos.

5Outlook Rules Rage

Endless pranks are born out of the prankster’s monkeying with Outlook rules to automatically send messages to special folders, play weird noises, forward inappropriate messages and so on.

6Waiting Worries

When pranksters know how to change the mouse settings to permanently replace a pointer with an hourglass, many a mark will believe their system is stuck ‘thinking’ about an imaginary process.

7Spooky Speakers

Why is the mark’s speaker randomly playing high-pitched screeches, ghost noises and inappropriate moans? Because the prankster plugged them into her computer, of course.

8AutoCorrect Confusion

Similarly, the prankster’s playing with Word’s AutoCorrect feature to replace, say the word ‘the’ with ‘boss is an idiot’ will convince less experienced marks that their word processor is busted.