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CA is offering up a data-modeling opportunity for solution providers serving the midmarket with its ERwin Data Profiler, designed to provide an enterprise view into data for effective management and governance for companies not yet ready for large enterprise products.


Offered through a partnership with Exeros and sold exclusively through the channel, CA’s ERwin Data Profiler is being grouped into the ERwin Data Modeling Suite of products. According to CA, the new Data Profiler will extend support for master data management (MDM) initiatives to the midmarket by offering the first integrated solution that combines data profiling and modeling. 


ERwin Data Profiler integrates modeling and profiling into one system. It gathers information from across all aspects of a business and arranges that information so it can be used accurately and efficiently in applications, data marts, data warehouses and MDM hubs, according to the company.



The product helps solve many of the data management problems prevalent among midmarket companies dealing with the growing pains of being too small for large enterprise data modeling solutions, yet large enough to have a need for effective data management, said Sean Graham, CA’s vice president of software engineering for data modeling.


“What’s unique about this product in terms of technology is that it’s the first to integrate data profiling with data modeling to reduce cycle times,” Graham said. “But what’s even more exciting are the business aspects. There are a lot of data modeling and data profiling products out there but they come with a hefty price tag. This price point makes data profiling available for the masses—what would have been unaffordable is now something within their reach.


“When you look at midmarket companies, they have a lot of the same problems as large enterprise companies in terms of discovering and analyzing data to … make intelligent business decisions,” he added. “This allows them to get to that data to make right decisions around that.”


Antonio Amorin, president of Data Innovations, Northbrook, Ill., sees a real market for ERwin Data Profiler with his customers. “The introduction of the CA ERwin Data Profiler is a great fit for our midmarket and larger enterprise clients because it helps to solve data management problems relevant to most of these organizations at an affordable price,” he said. “The current focus on master data management, data warehousing and other business intelligence efforts make the introduction of this technology timely and appropriate to meet the market demands for data modeling solutions.”


A formal launch is planned for January, according to CA.