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VIS Global, a communications solutions provider and key partner to Avaya, Fortinet, Cyara, and others in Australia, has achieved great success by transforming its business from a systems integrator to become more consultative and services-based.

Now, the company has a positive outlook and vision for the IT channel in Australia and globally, despite pervading macroeconomic headwinds.

The company initially launched in India but relocated to Australia in 2019. At first, it was a pure-play systems integrator, but after reading the market, the company director, Arijit Senchaudhuri, and his team realised the need to pivot to be more services and consulting-focused to add more value to their offering.

“We are moving to become a total CX transformation company,” Senchaudhuri said. “Through this, the services remain constant, but we are evolving how we deliver them as the market is evolving.”

He emphasised that success in the Australian channel means understanding business requirements first – and indeed putting the conversation around business ahead of any discussion on IT. “Where digital transformation projects go wrong, it’s because when there’s a disconnect between the business need and the technology that you bring in to solve it,” he said.

Senchaudhuri highlighted the different mindsets of customers in various sectors, such as hospitality and healthcare. “The mindset of these people is completely different, so while we might be pitching the same technology, if we do not take that factor into mind when we are not exactly building a solution which would serve the guests or patients well.”

Focusing on Growth through a Troubled Economy

This approach has been successful for VIS Global, with the company achieving 60% year-on-year growth for the past three years. It is now expanding into the UK and US, confident that its operations in Australia are proven.

With a potential recession looming, Senchaudhuri noted that companies are becoming more cautious with their technology investments. “What has been happening is that the CFOs become a bit more active, though it’s in a positive way – they simply need to see more clearly the return on investments,” he said.

Another area where VIS Global has been able to post such strong results is through its ability to access skills at a time when they’re in short supply. Senchaudhuri noted that as comfort in remote working has increased, organisations are no longer concerned about where the work is delivered from. For a company with teams in India, Singapore and the Philippines, this has allowed VIS Global to be competitive.

What’s important, Senchaudhuri said, is not the location but the expertise. VIS Global has been able to transform its business to become a successful services provider by having deep expertise in each of its vendors. Avaya is its core partner, but by being able to build solutions that bring a rich mix of technologies into Avaya environments, VIS Global has been able to establish itself as a premier partner in communications in the country. For other organisations in the channel, VIS Global serves as a strong model for how to identify where the opportunities are in the marketplace and then pivot the business to take advantage of the opportunity.