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110 iPad Apps for Work-Life Balance

By Ericka Chickowski Not only does the new Apple iPad tablet hold a lot of opportunity for new and improved business applications, but it also has a lot of potential to unleash apps that allow business people to be people again. Channel Insider’s top 10 iPad apps for work-life balance help busy executives keep their busy work, home and travel schedules in order while at the same time aiding them in maintaining their health and sanity, too.

2LogMeIn Ignition

Spend more time at your kids’ ball fields using this application. A remote login app to be used with the LogMeIn service on Apple devices, Ignition gives techies the freedom to access their systems while away from the office.

3WebMD for iPad

Is that wracking cough something more than just a passing bug? This health app offers clues about what you’ve got and whether or not it might be time to make an appointment with the family doctor?

4Salesforce Mobile

Another app that puts the power of productivity into your hands without having to lug around a clunky laptop, Salesforce Mobile gives iPad users access to the CRM service without being hindered by the tiny iPhone screen.

5Kayak Flights for iPad

The popular travel website has been ported to an iPad app for super simple searches for all nature of travel deals, giving executives on the go to plan their next vacation whilst trapped in business meetings.

6Pocket Yoga HD

Stressed? Why not consider striking a pose–yoga pose, that is? This handy little app offers useful instruction and illustration of common yoga poses to give its users the means to center themselves no matter the setting.


This food and exercise diary allows iPad users to track exactly what goes into their bodies and how much exercise they do for accurate tracking of calorie and health information.

8InstaPaper Pro

This handy dandy app gives users the power of the Internet regardless of connectivity. Save long-winded websites in readable format to be consumed when you’re not connected.

9NetFlix iPad

Stuck in a hotel room the day before that big presentation without anything good to watch? NetFlix subscribers can stream movies through their iPads instantly using this application.

10Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Wake refreshed each morning using this app, which analyzes your sleep patterns and prods you awake during the lightest sleep phase possible, given your time requirements.


Dump the post-its and reminders to yourself to enter important information in your PC and go with Bento, a customizable personal database app that allows you to track everything from mileage to expenses to car-pool schedules directly with your tablet.