Managed services pricing template

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A managed service pricing template helps managed service providers (MSPs) effectively communicate the value of their offerings and attract potential clients. This template enables MSPs to not only list the prices of their services, but also transparently justify their pricing. Having a few clear and flexible pricing templates can help you create an appealing pricing model that fosters client satisfaction and drives revenue growth.

Best Free General Managed Services Pricing Template

We created a free managed services pricing template that any MSP can use and customize to communicate their services and pricing to their clients. It includes service offerings, service descriptions and pricing models to make sure that clients know and understand the services they stand to receive, and how these services will be priced. Click the image below to download and use the template:

Best free general managed services pricing template

You can customize the prices in these templates according to your offerings, target market, regional factors, and more. This gives you a flexible and easy starting point from which to build your unique pricing models.

Key Components of a Strong Managed Services Pricing Template

As an MSP, you need to effectively convey the value of your services to prospective clients while remaining competitive in the market. Your pricing template should be comprehensive, easy to understand, and adaptable to different business requirements. For a solid pricing template, you should at least include your service offerings, service descriptions, and proposed pricing structure to create an effective model.

Service Offerings

Clearly outline the managed services you provide. The services should be organized and grouped logically to make sure they’re clear to your prospective clients. Some of the core services may include monitoring, support, network management, security, and backup, among others.

Below is the service offerings portion of our free template:

Managed services pricing template Service offerings

Service Descriptions

Your clients need to be aware of what exactly they’re getting. Provide concise and informative descriptions for each service, detailing the specific tasks, deliverables, and outcomes clients can expect. Let the descriptions summarize the scope of your services. This helps clients understand the value proposition and make informed decisions when selecting a service package.

Here’s the description column of our general template:

Managed services pricing template Service descriptions

Pricing Structure

Your pricing structure should align with the MSP’s business model and target market. The per-user and per-device pricing models are popular and effective for MSPs to bill their clients. But if they don’t align with your services, you can substitute them with other pricing models like the tiered, flat-rate, or customized pricing models. You can also combine different pricing models to best represent your pricing in transparent, competitive, and easy to understand ways.

Here’s how our template lists the pricing structure:

Managed services pricing template Pricing structure


Closely related to the pricing structure, your pricing template should include levels or tiers of your service offerings. This enables you to deliver flexibility to potential clients who aren’t quite sure of the services they seek from you, but still don’t want to be boxed in by inflexible service offerings. Feel free to exercise your creativity and name the levels according to what makes sense to your business. Consider having a column for a custom tier to offer your customers maximum flexibility.

See our general template’s sample levels below:

Managed services pricing template Levels


Having a section that details the total amount to the customer is crucial in an MSP pricing template. This component consolidates all service subtotals, clearly presenting the final cost to the potential customer. It enables both you and the client to easily review and understand the combined expenses associated with the selected services, facilitating transparent and efficient communication regarding the pricing structure.

These are the subtotal and total cost rows from our free template:

Managed services pricing template Totals

By focusing on clear service offerings, descriptions, and pricing structure, along with customization options, you can create a pricing model that fosters trust and meets the diverse needs of your clients. Ultimately, this approach will help you attract and retain clients, contributing to your business’s long-term success.

9 Managed Services Pricing Templates for Various MSPs

Finding the right pricing model for your managed services business is crucial to attracting clients and maintaining profitability. With various types of MSPs in the market, it’s essential to tailor your pricing templates to fit your specific services and audience. Below are nine pricing templates specific to managed software, hardware, premium, on-site, security, cloud, virtualization, collaboration, and database services — click the images to access and use the templates.

Managed Software Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers that specialize in offering software-related services like software monitoring, license management, and software updates.

This template is effective for software-focused MSPs because it focuses on the key services that help businesses optimize software performance, maintain compliance, and improve overall efficiency. By customizing this template, you can emphasize your software expertise and tailor pricing to reflect the unique value you deliver to clients. You can include basic software service offerings like application management, software support, and integration.

Managed software services pricing template

Managed Hardware Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: MSPs that focus on delivering hardware-related services such as hardware monitoring, maintenance, and asset management.

The template is effective for hardware-centric MSPs as it addresses the primary concerns of businesses looking for support in maintaining, upgrading, and managing their physical IT assets. By focusing on these core hardware services, you can tailor your offerings to clients with unique hardware needs and provide specialized support. More core services to expect from this template include hardware installation, support, and management.

Managed hardware services pricing template

Premium Managed Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers offering a higher level of IT support services, including priority response and enhanced service level agreements (SLAs).

The premium services template contains advanced offerings such as faster response times, dedicated account management, and comprehensive reporting. These additional features cater to clients looking for a superior level of service and support. By emphasizing the higher quality and attention provided, you can attract clients willing to invest in top-tier IT management services using this template.

Premium managed services pricing template

Managed On-Site Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers that specialize in delivering services that require physical presence at the client’s location.

The on-site services template focuses on field support services to customers. These include hardware installations, network management, and troubleshooting. With this template you can clearly highlight your MSP’s expertise in offering on-site services and enable clients to understand the value and convenience of having a dedicated team available for on-site support. You can include services such as training, repairs, on-site management, and more.

Managed on-site services pricing template

Managed Security Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed security service providers (MSSPs), who specialize in providing robust cybersecurity solutions and services to protect their clients’ digital assets.

The MSSP template is tailored to emphasize the key components of cybersecurity management such as threat monitoring. If your MSP specializes in security, you can use this approach to showcase your expertise and the importance of your services in the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape. You can expect threat monitoring, vulnerability scanning, security consulting, incident response, firewall management, and similar services to feature in this template.

Managed security services pricing template

Managed Cloud Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers offering cloud-based services, including migration, management, and support for their clients.

If your MSP is focused on providing cloud solutions like migration, infrastructure setup, monitoring, security, and backup, this template is ideal for you. It’s designed to cater to businesses looking to leverage the benefits of the cloud while ensuring smooth and secure operations. In addition to the services above, the template features services like cloud vendor management and cloud application support.

Managed cloud services pricing template

Managed Virtualization Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers that focus on implementing and managing virtualization technologies for their clients.

Virtualization technology has revolutionized the way businesses utilize their IT resources. If your MSP specializes in virtualization, then you’ve helped clients set up, manage, and secure their virtual infrastructure, such as virtual machines and networks. This pricing template highlights some of the virtualization services clients would find useful and aligned with their business operations. They include virtual machine setup, management, and backup and recovery.

Managed virtualization services pricing template

Managed Collaboration & Communication Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: MSPs that excel in providing communication and collaboration tools, including email, VoIP, and video conferencing.

Effective communication and collaboration are key to the success of any business. MSPs in this domain ensure their clients have access to reliable, secure, and user-friendly tools. From email hosting and VoIP services to video conferencing and mobile device management, this pricing template covers a range of essential services that allow you to create comprehensive and customized packages for clients.

Managed collaboration and communication services pricing template

Managed Database Management Services Pricing Template

Who It’s Right For: Managed service providers with a focus on providing database management, optimization, and security services for their customers.

Databases are critical components of any organization’s IT infrastructure. MSPs specializing in database management help clients set up, monitor, optimize, and secure their database instances. This pricing template includes services such as database setup, monitoring, security management, backup and disaster recovery, optimization and more to show that you can maintain and improve the performance, security, and reliability of clients’ databases.

Managed database management services pricing template

Tailoring your pricing templates to your specific MSP category can help you better serve your clients and optimize your revenue streams. You can also combine various templates to better communicate your value if you offer services that cut across multiple templates. Remember to tweak the templates to suit your service offerings and clearly highlight your charges. Doing this will increase your chances of building lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with your clients.

Top 4 Tips for Finalizing a Managed Services Pricing Template

You can approach your managed services pricing template by either customizing an existing template to your liking or creating your own. However, to have a maximum-impact approach, follow the tips below. They include creating a hybrid between general and industry-specific templates, customizing your template to best reflect the value your business brings, using a variety of pricing models, and personalizing the template with your logo.

Combine General & Industry-Specific Templates

Create a hybrid between a general template and an industry-specific template to address the broader needs of clients. This allows you to capture much more value while addressing the needs of more niched customers. This can enhance your appeal to a wider range of customers and boost your competitive advantage in the market.

Customize the Template to Reflect Your Value Proposition

Modify the template to fit your business and represent your offerings clearly and in their entirety. This ensures that you confidently communicate the unique strengths of your value proposition. Don’t hesitate to mix between standard and unique services in your area of specialization and combine different pricing structures where necessary. This will help you stay innovative.

Take Advantage of Different Pricing Models

Feel free to switch up your pricing models when necessary. The per-person/per-device model is flexible and simple enough for clients to understand. However, examine which pricing model is more suitable for your more complex services. Also identify which models work for which types of clients to ensure your pricing stays competitive. You can simply replace the per-person/per-device pricing column with your desired model.

Personalize the Template with Your Logo

Make the template truly yours by ensuring the potential customer identifies your brand. This makes your template much more credible and less likely to be a generic template, thus raising customer confidence. It also looks so much better!

If you adhere to these tips, you’ll develop effective, innovative, and competitive pricing templates. These templates may also influence your long-term pricing approaches. Even after you figure out the templates that work for you, remember to constantly refine these templates as the market evolves.

Bottom Line: Managed Services Pricing Template

Managed services pricing templates are essential tools for effectively showcasing your offerings and satisfying your leads and clients. By including key components like service offerings and pricing structures, you can appeal to a diverse range of customers. Remember to adapt these templates to your unique services, market, and region, among other factors. Ensure they’re clear, transparent, and flexible for a competitive edge in your market.