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In this episode of Channel Insider: Partner POV, host Katie Boso is joined by Phillip Walker, Customer Advocate CEO of Network Solutions Provider USA. Phillip is known for his expertise in emerging and next-gen technologies, and his ability to explain complex solutions in a way that is easily understandable by clients: ordering a pizza.

He also discussed the power of AI in business and healthcare, how organizations can be “pre-AI-ready,” and other emerging technologies such as IoT, 5G and virtual and augmented reality (VR and AR).

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What is Network Solutions Provider?

Network Solutions Provider USA (NSP) is a next-gen managed service provider (MSP) that specializes in IT services and solutions. With a focus on early adoption of cutting-edge technologies, NSP stays ahead of the curve in terms of service delivery and implementation consulting.

Their target customers include mid-market companies, education institutions, hospitals, and SMBs looking to empower their businesses through technology.

“Don’t buy ingredients, buy pizza”

How do you walk clients and partners through complex offerings and help them optimize their implementation? For Phillip, the answer is easy: make them a pizza.

No, not a real pizza. 

“It’s figuring out the recipe, right?” he said. “When people come to us, we have a specialty, what we consider pizzas. Best of breed, ready-to-go, out of the box, tested, proven. We know that they work. We can provide them or we can deliver them.”

“Then you have build-your-own pizza,” he continued, “because a lot of time solution providers or end users are looking at one aspect of their IT space — which is fine. Sometimes it’s just the pepperoni.”

Combining these options — the recommended menu items and the build-your-own customization — allows NSP to simplify the decision making process for their clients and focus on the outcome: the three key ingredients of “productivity, profitability, protection.”

Getting pre-AI-ready at your company

Phillip emphasized the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) as a game-changer for businesses — but he also cautioned that AI implementation requires a robust data model and a deep understanding of the specific business needs.

The first step to getting your company pre-AI-ready, Phillip urged, is making sure all of your systems communicate and are on the same page with one another. “High collaboration shows high maturity in a company,” he advised.

How AI is improving healthcare

Healthcare is one industry in particular Phillip believes has a lot to gain from AI applications. He believes AI can revolutionize patient care, data tracking, and information delivery. “Even smaller facilities,” he insisted, “are going to be able to use AI to not just answer the phone, but actually get into custom care, and recommendations are going to be better.”

Again, however, Phillip emphasized the importance of data enrichment and integration to fully unleash the power of AI in healthcare. “Once they go through that process and they get to a point where they can enrich their data, none of the data is siloed, and all their systems are talking — once they actually start to bring in AI and work with the experts and doctors, I think we’re going to see a level of patient care that we haven’t seen — and there are companies out there who are already implementing this.”

Embracing the virtual office: 5G and VR go to work

AI isn’t the only emerging technology that Phillip is excited about, though. “The idea of having a VR headset that you can do business on is really going to open people’s eyes to the capability of what’s next,” he said, referencing Apple’s brand new Vision Pro headset.

Beyond that, he affirmed that “5G is going to be the enabler of next-gen technology,” as it will allow all of the other burgeoning productivity technologies — from AI and IoT to AR and VR — to be universally accessible by enterprise, small business, and at home. Plus, it will offer improved security through private LTE.

Building a better future through networking

Finally, Phillip emphasized the continued importance of advocating for diversity in tech through charitable organizations such as Tempa.

“Our cybersecurity for minority training program will probably launch in the second quarter, focused on getting minorities into cybersecurity, getting them into leadership roles, getting them into training programs, and working on job creation in that space is going to be a huge driver for us this year.”

Through everything from its thought leadership to its charitable endeavors, Network Solutions Provider USA remains at the forefront of the IT channel, driving the adoption of next-gen technologies and empowering businesses to thrive in the digital era. By offering ready-to-go solutions and guiding customers through their pizza recipes, NSP ensures that businesses achieve maximum productivity, profitability, and protection.

With a focus on AI, cybersecurity, and emerging technologies like 5G and VR/AR, NSP is poised to help businesses unlock their full potential and embrace the future of technology — for everyone.

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