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SaaS sales tracking

1 - SaaS Applications Sales Model Starts to MatureSaaS Applications Sales Model Starts to Mature

A new survey finds SaaS applications providers investing more in sales enablement. A little more than half those polled invested in customer retention programs.

2 - SaaS Application Revenue GrowthSaaS Application Revenue Growth

150 out of just over 300 SaaS application providers saw revenue growth of 10% to 50%. Just over 100 had revenue growth of 50% or more.

3 - SaaS Application Vendor PrioritiesSaaS Application Vendor Priorities

A full 89% cited new customer acquisition, 59% cited customer renewals and 46% cited up-sell/add-on sales to existing customers.

4 - New Customer Acquisition Metrics TrackedNew Customer Acquisition Metrics Tracked

A total of 84% track Website unique visitors, 66% track new sign-ups and trials, and 56% track conversion rates as well customer acquisition costs.

5 - Existing Customer Metrics TrackedExisting Customer Metrics Tracked

Eight in 10 (80%) track customer churn, 63% track product usage, 58% track add-on sales and 54% track revenue per user.

6 - Metrics Plan to TrackMetrics Plan to Track

Just over half (55%) plan to track customer retention rates, 46% want to track customer health, 45% customer lifecycle and 37% customer acquisition costs. A full 44% say they are not satisfied with their existing SaaS metrics.

7 - Rate of Customer ChurnRate of Customer Churn

Three in 10 (30%) report an increase in churn, while 36% said it decreased.

8 - Spending on Customer RetentionSpending on Customer Retention

Well over two-thirds (69%) increased headcount, 58% invested in systems and technology, and just over half (52%) invested in retention programs.

9 - Rate at Which Customer Health Is TrackedRate at Which Customer Health Is Tracked

About one-fifth (21%) track customer usage and satisfaction on a daily basis, 29% track it weekly and 29% track it monthly.

10 - Driving More Revenue per Customer EngagementDriving More Revenue per Customer Engagement

Just over a quarter (28%) report increased revenue from up-sell and add-on sales from existing customers, but only 14% report an increase of 40% or more in revenue from these efforts.

11 - Business Generated From Free TrialsBusiness Generated From Free Trials

Only 27% said half or more of their business comes from free trials, while 38% have no freemium program.