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Cloud containers

1 - OpenStack Enters the Realm of Mainstream AdoptionOpenStack Enters the Realm of Mainstream Adoption

New research shows that as OpenStack technology becomes more mainstream, it is rising at the expense of VMware and Amazon Web Services offerings.

2 - Awareness of OpenStackAwareness of OpenStack

More than half were already using OpenStack within their organizations in some form, 32% are kicking the tires and evaluating it, and 30% are using it to support current projects or production workloads. Another 36% are familiar with OpenStack, and only 2% had never heard of it.

3 - Drivers of OpenStack AdoptionDrivers of OpenStack Adoption

The top drivers for OpenStack adoption are that public cloud costs are too high (61%) and the fact that there’s a desire to improve responsiveness for IT service delivery (59%).

4 - Classes of OpenStack WorkloadsClasses of OpenStack Workloads

The top three workloads on OpenStack include new “greenfield” apps (which 69% currently deliver); containers (61%) and Web apps (58%). No application type or workload registered less than 83% for currently delivered or to be delivered within the next 12 months.

5 - OpenStack Driving Private CloudsOpenStack Driving Private Clouds

Over the next five years, more than half (54%) expect their cloud use to be all or mostly private, with another 14% predicting a balanced mix of private and public.

6 - Top OpenStack ConcernsTop OpenStack Concerns

Security models (26%) and lack of operational tools (23%) were mentioned most often as the top challenges for OpenStack adoption.

7 - Most Improved OpenStack AttributesMost Improved OpenStack Attributes

71% of those using OpenStack cite improving stability of workloads while 51% report reduced management complexity.

8 - Impact on VMware RelianceImpact on VMware Reliance

While almost 80% are running VMware today on 75% of their environments, less than a third expect to be running VMware across more than 10% of their environments in two years.

9 - A Major Shift in the CloudA Major Shift in the Cloud

While more than 80% report using Amazon Web Services for more than 10 percent of their workloads, the number drops to under 49% in 24 months. Yet 85% said they will be using Microsoft Azure for more than 10% of workloads in the same time period.

10 - Containers on OpenStackContainers on OpenStack

Within 24 months, more than 80% expect containers to be used on 10% to 33% of their environments.

11 - OpenStack SupportOpenStack Support

For those using OpenStack to support projects or production workloads, 85% are paying for support or related services.

12 - Faith in the OpenStack CommunityFaith in the OpenStack Community

A full 80% believe large vendors are leading OpenStack in the right direction, as well as expressing faith in the Big Tent initiative surrounding the OpenStack ecosystem as a whole.