1Top 10 Most Profitables Vendors Certifications

Top 10 Most Profitable Vendor Certifications

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In addition to its server and networking software, Citrix is the leading alternative to VMware’s virtualization products. While enterprise and midmarket companies aren’t necessarily recognizing the value of Citrix certifications, solution providers agree that Citrix training does benefit their businesses.

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Salesforce.com is the leader in SAAS CRM tools. While it doesn’t have a traditional channel program for reselling its online services, solution providers that have mastered its migration, implementation and maintenance services have found tremendous success. End users also rate Saleforce.com competencies as a must for their solution providers.

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Distressed Sun Microsystems – soon an Oracle company – remains a powerhouse of advanced technologies in many disciplines, including Web apps, servers, storage and security. Solution providers say that get a lot of mileage out of their Sun certifications. Enterprises and midmarket companies seek solution providers with Sun certifications for designing and implementing advance infrastructures.

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Dell is still trying to find its footing in the channel, but its reputation and draw among enterprise and midmarket companies is strong. End users have bought copious amounts of Dell gear over the years, and they’re seeking Dell partners who have capabilities in servicing their Dell investments.

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Virtualization technology is permeating every facet of the IT infrastructure. Through training and certification, solution providers are finding new opportunities to innovate and meet customer expectations. End users don’t always have the skill sets and resources to leverage virtualization, so they’re turning to solution providers for help. VMware, the virtualization market leader, is naturally the leader in virtualization certifications.

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Hewlett-Packard is a channel favorite because of its broad and diverse product portfolio. HP certifications open new and advance resources to partners, making this mark of excellence an absolute must. End users are equally attracted to HP certifications because of its brand power and marriage to legacy investments.

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IBM – one of the channel’s biggest vendors – has broad portfolio of hardware and software products. IBM certifications gives solution providers access to different products and support mechanisms that lead to greater opportunities and profitability. The IBM brand has tremendous power among enterprise and midmarket companies, making its certifications a big draw.

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Oracle products are not for technical lightweights. To harness the power of Oracle business software requires technical investment. Solution providers who gain Oracle certifications find that their training and certification investments pay off since end users will use Oracle certifications as a choice differentiator when selecting business application providers.

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Cisco Systems’ hardware is the standard for networking. Cisco uses its certification as one of the key metrics for measuring partner success. Solution providers who have invested in Cisco training have found doors opened for them to leverage in the market. The certification pays off among end users, too, who rate it as the second highest certification on their solution provider consideration list.

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Say what you will about Microsoft and its products, but no one can top this vendor’s market power and value of its certifications. Solution providers who have attained Microsoft certifications have built profitable relationships among customers, as well as gained access to new technologies and resources. By far, enterprises and midmarket companies give Microsoft certifications their highest rating.

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