10 Hot IT Certifications for 2015

By Gina Roos

Security-related skills and certifications continue to gain in value this year, driven by many of the largest data breaches in the past year. And it's showing up in the numbers: Five out of the top 10 certifications provided by analyst firm Foote Partners LLC are focused on security. "This list is a little richer in security than in the past," said David Foote, Foote Partners' chief analyst and chief research officer. "For example, 'cyber-security forensic analyst' probably has never made this list [in the past], but it is making it now because more companies are realizing that cyber-security is a threat to all of them." The analyst firm selected 10 IT certifications that it expects to continue to gain market value over the next six months. "We believe they will increase in value even more in the first quarter of 2015," he added. The top 10 ranking indicates that companies are starting to invest more in security, architecture, application development and the cloud.

This article was originally published on 2015-02-12