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OK, so Microsoft has purchased Danger for a half-billion dollars, a company best known for developing the Sidekick, a T-Mobile PDA loved by the likes of Paris Hilton and a multitude of other celebrity wannabes. The big question is, Why?

The Sidekick runs a proprietary OS (not a flavor of Windows Mobile!), does not synchronize with Microsoft applications (it only offers wireless synchronization back to T-Mobile’s hosted e-mail and calendars) and offers no connectivity to the Windows OS, not even by Bluetooth, USB or infrared!

So what is the attraction that Microsoft has for Danger?

Arguably, perhaps it’s Microsoft’s way to take on Google, with its Android operating system, or it’s a way for Microsoft to chase down the iPhone (a very slim chance there). But, perhaps it is another reason altogether — access to the consumer market. Right now, Microsoft’s mobile offerings (in the form of Windows Mobile) is really aimed at business users. With the addition of Danger, Microsoft now has an in to the consumer market and a wireless carrier to work with, T-Mobile.

Only time will tell if this move makes any sense for Microsoft, but I for one intend to keep an eye on the evolution of this marriage, just to see where Microsoft winds up!