Small Business IT Security Attacks Raising Awareness

1Small Business IT Security Attacks Raising Awareness

SMBs spend an average of $51,000 per year on security and data protection solutions.

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Two-thirds of SMB IT staff time is dedicated to computer security, disaster preparedness, backup, recovery and archiving.

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87 percent of SMBs have a disaster preparedness plan.

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Only 23 percent rate their plan as pretty good or excellent, though.

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74 percent of SMBs are somewhat to extremely concerned about losing electronic information.

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42 percent have lost confidential or proprietary information in the past.

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A full 100 percent of those companies who have lost data reported direct losses such as lost revenue or financial costs as a result.

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Two-thirds of businesses have lost mobile devices such as laptops or smartphones in the last 12 months.

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73 percent of SMBs were victims of cyber attacks in the past year.

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30 percent of those attacks were judged to be somewhat to extremely successful.

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47 percent of SMBs expect to make significant changes to their data protection infrastructure in the next year.

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59 percent of SMBs surveyed uses outside consultants to augment their staff in data protection efforts and 10 percent plan to in the future.

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92 percent of respondents currently use anti-malware.

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72 percent utilize client firewalls.

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40 percent use client intrusion detection.


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