DDoS Attacks Your Customers At Risk

1DDoS Attacks Your Customers At Risk

78 percent of respondents reported that they are extremely or very concerned about DDoS attacks.

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67 percent say that they expect the frequency and strength of denial of service attacks to increase or stay the same over the next two years.

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Close to two-thirds of respondents who experienced a DDoS attack in the past year said they sustained more than one attack.

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11 percent said they had experienced six or more DDoS attacks in the past year.

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60 percent of the respondents rely on their web sites for at least 25 percent of their annual revenue.

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53 percent of the respondents said they experienced downtime in the past year, with DDoS attacks accounting for one-third – 33 percent of all downtime incidents.

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More than two-thirds said their downtime impacted customers and half reported they lost revenue.

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87 percent of IT pros believe that DDoS protection is very important for maintaining availability of websites and services.

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71 percent of respondents who don’t have DDoS protection said they plan to implement a solution in the next year.

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40 percent plan to outsource their DDoS protection, 31 percent plan to implement an in-house solution, and 29 percent are still undecided on their approach for protection.


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