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Responding to feedback from its channel partners, leading cybersecurity solutions provider SonicWall has unveiled a suite of managed services purpose-built for managed service providers (MSPs). The new offerings are the first in a series of solutions aimed at equipping MSPs with flexible, cost-effective cybersecurity options.

By seamlessly integrating endpoint vendors into its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) solution, the company has enhanced its capabilities to serve MSPs who rely on popular solutions such as Capture Client, Windows Defender, and others. Clients will benefit from a diverse set of offerings that include all facets of cybersecurity — from robust firewalls to comprehensive cloud security solutions.

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SonicWall seeks to empower MSPs with enhanced flexibility

Given the multifaceted nature of modern cybersecurity threats, SonicWall company officials recognized the need to fortify the company’s threat prevention measures through tighter integration of its end-to-end solutions and partner network.

SonicWall CEO and President Robert Vankirk expressed his enthusiasm for the new offering, stating, “We listened to our community and will be delivering an endpoint-agnostic solution, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our commitment to empowering our partners is evident, and we will continue to build a world-class security platform they need to sustain this current momentum.”

Senior Vice President of Managed Services Michael Crean underscored the necessity for comprehensive cybersecurity solutions within the MSP community, affirming, “Today’s MSPs increasingly need a platform of managed security solutions rather than point solutions. The company’s integrated approach for end-to-end managed threat protection enables MSPs to help customers navigate the turbulent cybersecurity landscape with confidence and resilience — giving them a distinct competitive edge.”

A dedicated SOC team helps offset alert fatigue

SonicWall’s MDR service provides users with the flexibility to select the most suitable tool for their specific needs by integrating with various next-generation antivirus (NGAV) solutions. Through partnerships with leading NGAV providers such as Capture Client, Windows Defender, SentinelOne, and Cylance, users can benefit from 24/7 monitoring by SonicWall’s dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) team.

MSPs frequently encounter challenges in monitoring alerts throughout the day. One such challenge — alert fatigue — poses challenges in distinguishing genuine threats from false positives, causing a delayed response. By leveraging SonicWall’s SOC, MSPs can ensure round-the-clock monitoring, promptly respond to valid alerts, and significantly enhance security for themselves and their clients.

Preventive, proactive, endpoint-agnostic security for MSPs and clients

The new managed endpoint services empower MSPs to deliver preventive and proactive security measures to their clients without the need to establish their own SOC. With access to SonicWall’s SOC team, MSPs can offer expert 24/7 monitoring, threat hunting, and anomaly detection, alleviating the financial burden while enhancing their ability to identify and mitigate potential threats promptly. This helps ensure the safeguarding of their clients’ networks against the perils of cyberattacks.

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