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Global enterprise software leader SAP has announced significant enhancements to its cloud-based data warehouse platform, newly launched as Datasphere. Designed as a comprehensive data service built on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP), Datasphere streamlines data management processes and empowers organizations to derive deeper business insights.

According to company officials, “With a unified experience for data integration, data cataloging, semantic modeling, data warehousing, data federation, and data virtualization, SAP Datasphere enables data professionals to easily distribute mission-critical business data — with business context and logic preserved — across the data landscape.”

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Streamlined data management with AI integration

The tight integration of the company’s generative AI assistant Joule copilot into the new platform helps ensure that generative AI outputs such as reports, dashboards, and plans remain proactive and contextualized across the company’s solutions and those of third-party providers. The platform’s heightened consistency across an organization’s data landscape helps surface smarter insights and securely and compliantly drive better business outcomes.

Enhanced governance and insight discovery through SAP’s Collibra partnership

Through SAP’s expanded partnership with Collibra, Datasphere affords integrated AI governance functionality. The integration enables users to tightly govern their AI’s policies, processes, and practices, affording transparency, accountability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Unified planning and analytics for seamless operations

The platform’s integrated knowledge graph helps users uncover insights and patterns across applications and systems, enriching their understanding of the relationships within their data as well as helping to enhance the effectiveness of their machine learning (ML) algorithms and large language models (LLMs).

Through integration with the company’s Analytics Cloud, the platform provides a single source of truth for unified planning and analytics, helping reduce silos, and facilitating cross-organizational planning and data-driven decision-making.

Yet another powerful integration is access to the company’s COMPASS (Comprehensive Online Management and Personnel System) Customization Process. This enables users to run sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations via a chat interface that enables quick, easy evaluation of predictive scenarios to drive better business results.

Delivering value to customers and partners

Juergen Mueller, SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board member, said, “Capturing data to make better decisions is an enterprise technology imperative that’s become increasingly critical as AI – which relies on quality data – revolutionizes every aspect of business.”

He added, “Our newest SAP Datasphere innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with Collibra, represent a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data.”

The new cloud-based Datasphere platform not only helps organizations streamline their data management processes but also empowers them to make informed decisions that accelerate growth and innovation.

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