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DataStrike, a new-on-the-scene MSP, has entered the M&A chat in a big way by acquiring MiCORE, aiming to become the largest MSP focused on data infrastructure services for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). This acquisition not only hands DataStrike a profitable database and cloud management services provider but also strengthens its sales team. In terms of business growth, this is a crucial element and boon for the young company.

Strategic positioning and market expansion

With this strategic acquisition, DataStrike is able to position itself as a leader in data infrastructure services, expanding its market reach and capabilities. MiCORE, known for its expertise in database and cloud management, adds substantial value to DataStrike’s offerings. The integration of MiCORE is expected to significantly enhance DataStrike’s market presence, making it the largest MSP specializing in data infrastructure for SMBs.

In tandem with the acquisition, DataStrike has introduced a new management team with deep background in the data infrastructure domain. The leadership team comprises CEO Buddy Flerl, President and COO Rob Brown, and CMO Kelsic Pross, all of whom previously held executive roles at RDX, a database administration MSP that Flerl founded.

A more comprehensive range of services

DataStrike provides a varied and comprehensive range of onshore managed services to SMBs across various industries, including data management, cloud services, enterprise application management, and analytics. The acquisition of MiCORE allows the newly combined company to serve over 200 clients and monitor thousands of databases across North America, solidifying its position as a formidable player in the data infrastructure services arena.

“We are bringing over 25 years of best practices in database, cloud and enterprise application management, while expanding our range of solutions into business intelligence to meet the ever-evolving needs of our clients,” said Flerl in the press release announcing the acquisition. “And we are doing it all onshore. While our competitors operate out of other countries with different regulations, we deliver our services entirely from within North America.”

Enhanced service offerings and partnerships

DataStrike will keep offering clients a full range of services, including strategy and planning, implementation, optimization, and round-the-clock database administration support. The company has strong partnerships and top-level certifications with tech giants like Microsoft, AWS, Oracle, and SAP, among others.

Additionally, DataStrike is integrating data analytics platforms such as DataBricks, PowerBI, and Snowflake into its core services, giving clients real-time, data-driven insights while continuing to rely on DataStrike for their data infrastructure needs.

“With the acquisition of MiCORE, DataStrike is in prime position to usher in a new era of transformational data-centric solutions, while providing an exceptional service experience for our clients,” stated Brown in the press release. “Most importantly, we are raising the standard of excellence for the industry with a special focus on SMBs, which have been woefully overlooked by the larger MSP community. We are committed to bringing world-class, enterprise-level services to the SMB market, just like we did at RDX, and we’ve brought the team back together to recreate the magic once again.”

This acquisition could set a new precedent in the data infrastructure services industry, potentially driving further consolidation and new avenues as other MSPs strive to compete with DataStrike’s expanded capabilities and market reach.

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