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IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, May 28 /PRNewswire/ — Brooks Internet Software, Inc. (
announces RPM Remote Print Manager 5.0, including new tools for
creating print work flows. Dave Brooks, the company founder and
president, says that the new RPM adds actions and transforms to the
print processing model.

Each queue can have as many actions and transforms as the user
desires. RPM’s classic features, including text and pass-through
printing and filter processing, are now actions. For instance, a user
can now accomplish broadcast printing by simply adding text print
actions to a queue. Additional actions such as email and copy to queue
have been added. With the addition of multi-stage processing, RPM now
makes it simple for the user to construct complex print work flows.

A number of transforms have been added as well, including the often
requested string translator, and COR (Computer Output Reduction) which
automatically scales and rotates a page depending on content. Existing
transforms, such as SCS, have also been enhanced.

Email capabilities have been added to the product. A print job can
be sent as an attachment. Email status can be sent when processing is
complete. Alerts can be sent to an email address, or even as a text
message to a cell phone.

The company says that the most requested feature, PDF output, is now
incorporated in RPM. PDF output mimics the text print settings for a
high fidelity copy of the printed page. PDF supports Asian and European
character sets, and right to left printing. PDF files can be archived,
emailed or sent to a compatible printer.

Brooks adds that the product now has full Unicode support for
reading and writing international character sets, and Unicode data such
as UTF-8 and UCS-2.

Complete product information is available at the company web site,
RPM 5.0 Select is available for download as a 21-day trial. Brooks
offers free pre-sales tech support. The commercial list price is $324
with discounts available for volume, and for government or educational


Founded in 1995, the company develops and markets a number of
software products with unique, business-oriented network printing
capabilities. The company has direct sales in over 100 nations and
enjoys reseller relations on all continents.