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Novell has introduced a SUSE Linux software
appliance program that enables ISVs to bundle their software with the SUSE
Linux Enterprise platform OS and allow reseller solution providers and end customers
to deploy everything with a single install.

Software providers including VMware and
have already signed on to offer their technology in software appliance form
together with SUSE Linux Enterprise.

Alternately, the software appliance can be applied in a hypervisor, says Steve
Hale, vice president of global data center channel at Novell.

“This shortens the sales cycle,” says Hale. “It makes software installation
very easy and fast. If it’s a demo, we just made that very easy, and we just
made time to value very easy, too.”

The software appliances will also be offered through a partnership with
distributor Tech Data, according to Novell.

For ISVs, Novell will provide a series of go-to-market elements, including an
evaluation copy option that lets ISVs deploy their appliance to end customers for
a trial period that the
ISV or reseller can specify. The evaluation version can
be distributed at no cost, and ISVs can turn off certain functionality as they

The only distinction between the evaluation copy and a full copy is that the
evaluation copy doesn’t offer updates and patches, says Hale.

Novell also announced a prerelease of an appliance tool kit that helps
providers remotely configure appliances and push updates.

Hale says the company also plans to build a virtual appliance and format it to
run in Amazon EC2, the company’s cloud. The approach will allow customers to
rent an image on an hourly basis, enabling a quick time-to-market SAAS model
for ISVs and MSPs.

ISVs that have signed on include Adaris Technologies, Adobe, Bitrock, Codice
Software, Four Js Development Tools, Hewlett-Packard (with its Adaptive
Infrastructure portfolio),
IBM, Infobright, Ingres, Messaging Architects, Packet
General, Quest Software,

SAP, Sonoa Systems, VMware and Zmanda.