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Disk-based storage systems provider Nexsan announced the latest member of its E5000 family of network-attached storage (NAS) systems, the E5510. Offering more than 1PB of capacity in a small, 27U of rack space, the E5510 combines support for both asynchronous and synchronous replication and includes the company s FASTier SSD caching technology.

The new NAS system is designed for capacity-intensive applications, including backup, archiving and primary file storage. E5000 NAS storage systems are available through Nexsan s network of authorized channel partners, with pricing that starts at $15,000.

Newly featured on the E5510 is optional support for both asynchronous and synchronous data replication. The asynchronous data replication feature allows users to configure off-site data replication separately for each storage pool on the primary E5000 system. In addition, the asynchronous data replication feature allows for the manual transfer of data on the E5000 to an external storage device for offline replication. With the synchronous data replication feature, users can mirror all the data contained in a storage pool between a source Nexsan storage system and a target Nexsan storage system both of which are connected to the E5000 via Fibre Channel.

“The E5510 features Nexsan s latest technological advancements for high capacity, synchronous replication, space efficiency and power conservation,” said Gary Watson, CTO of Nexsan. “The new system offers the ultimate in storage flexibility with enterprise-class features and superior support for virtualized computing environments, making it a compelling choice for any environment that needs exceptional scalability, efficiency and performance.”

The system also provides a highly available NAS system with the flexibility of between 9TB and over 1PB of storage capacity, and features include reservation-less snapshots, replication, quotas, AD and LDAP integration, and thin provisioning. Each member of the E5000 family offers Nexsan s E-Centre graphical user interface for deployment and ongoing management of multiple dispersed systems from a single pane of glass. E5000 storage pools feature virtualized, online capacity expansion so administrators can add capacity as needed without any disruption to users or applications.

Other features of the E5000 family include AutoMaid technology for up to 85 percent reduction in power consumption for applications such as backup to disk or general file storage; extreme density with Active Drawer Technology, an approach to simplifying maintenance of high-density storage systems by providing continuous operation even when one of the drive drawers is opened to service disks or fans; and data protection with support for snapshots, asynchronous replication, synchronous replication and NDMP.

As a provider of asset management, geographic information systems (GIS), and transportation planning, Data Transfer Solutions (DTS) helps its clients automate their worlds, reduce their workload and organize their data through customized technology. Supported by Nexsan partner LH Computer Services, DTS chose the E5000 Series NAS system to more effectively and efficiently manage its storage environment.

“As a user of agile practices to guide our work, we selected the Nexsan E5000 NAS storage system for primary file storage. In addition to the superior storage density and operational efficiency it provided, we were especially impressed by the flexibility of the unit,” said Trey Fragala, chief of operations for DTS. “The system can be configured with a mix of SSD, SAS and SATA drive technologies depending on the performance and capacity requirements, which allows for greater storage customization to meet application requirements.”

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