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You probably knew this already, but Facebook isn’t just for students anymore. Increasingly business people are using it to stay in touch with one another. And businesses have created fan pages for themselves and their technologies.

This point hasn’t been lost on Heartland Technology Solutions, a solution provider in the Midwest. Chief operating officer and partner Jane Cage writes in the company’s online newsletter that she’s reversed her position on Facebook.

“A few months ago, we included an article about social networking where we talked about using Facebook and LinkedIn. My opinion then was that LinkedIn was a business site and that Facebook was a more ‘friend’ based network.

“The more I’ve used Facebook, my opinion has begun to change. I’ve become to see Facebook almost as a highly personalized e-newspaper of sorts where I can keep up with the latest news on my co-workers, family and friends. As I’ve begun to search its options, I’ve also found special interest groups that suit me and have been able to affiliate with college and high school alumni.” And Heartland Technology Solutions has even taken it one step further by creating its own Facebook page. You can see it here.

Does your business have its own Facebook page?