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Dell has reportedly filed a lawsuit against
former reseller alleging that the direct market reseller is
selling old and outdated Dell computers and advertising them as new and covered
by Dell warranties.

April 17 lawsuit filed in New York district court
accuses TigerDirect of
violations of its resale contract including trademark infringement, misleading
representation, unfair competition and false advertising.

The long list of contract violations that Dell alleges against TigerDirect,
which was an authorized reseller until May 2007, includes using a modified Dell
logo and advertising itself as a "Dell SuperStore" offering "brand-new
Dell PCs at blowout prices" when the PCs being offered were actually
"old, outdated and no longer sold by Dell," according to the

Dell’s complaints to TigerDirect went unanswered, or if TigerDirect did address
the issues, it went on to other violations, according to the suit.