Expanding its global reach, IT security and management vendor BigFix has signed a contract with Mitsubishi to resell the company’s technology in Japan.

Mitsubishi will serve as a BigFix master sales partner in that country through its Information Security Business Unit and will rely on its wholly owned subsidiary, information security company, Infosec, for production and implementation, according to BigFix.

“This is our first concerted go-to-market that we have done in Japan with a major partner,” said David Appelbaum, vice president of marketing for BigFix, adding that the security company had previously done intermittent sales through various partners. BigFix already offers a localized version of the product.

The Mitsubishi deal also includes a managed services component, enabling the Japanese company to offer the technology as a service to businesses in that country. BigFix offers a similar service through Fiberlink in the United States and with France Telecom in Europe.

BigFix enforces management policies across the enterprise, including security and power management settings, effectively locking down systems even when an endpoint of the network is disconnected, such as a laptop. For example, one security policy that an IT manager might set is that users are unable to plug a USB thumb drive into their laptops.