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starbuckscropped.jpgAre you getting a lot of help desk support calls today? Blue screen of death? Disappearing icons? Weird keyboard problems? Chances are someone has played an April Fools’ prank on your unsuspecting user. Yes, it’s April 1 again. Check out Channel Insider’s list of the top eight computer pranks that could be sprung on your innocent, naive users.

Meanwhile, at Google you’ll find that Google is changing its name to Topeka, Google Apps now includes functionality that lets you upload anything (suggested use case – upload your luggage before a trip, access it when you arrive), and new Google Voice functionality adds the irritating problems you so sorely miss about your old voicemail system.

Elsewhere on the Web, Slashdot is talking about its long development and new addition of chat roulette functionality: “from now on all Slashdot stories will now be accompanied by a Roulette-style webcam video chat. In testing, we’ve discovered that Slashdot users are amazingly likely to engage in informative troll-free discussion when presented with the video image of one of their peers.”

Also, one of my personal favorites, Starbucks said it would introduce the new Plenta and Micra sized beverages. The Plenta is 128 ounces and the Micra is 2 ounces, and are due to arrive at Starbucks stores in the fall.

Or take a look at the Twapler over at This new high-tech stapler transmits the first 140 characters of every document you staple to all your Twitter followers.

Have you fooled anyone today? Seen any great pranks? Please share them in the comments.

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