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I’ve yet to meet a VAR who isn’t trying to use whatever they have at their disposal to work some new angle. But is there another solution provider out there with a combination of foresight, guts, heaven-sent blessings, and sheer luck more formidable than Jeff Archuleta’s?

If you don’t recognize that last name, you either don’t have a television or you’re in a Tuesday-Wednesday night bowling league. Jeff is, of course, dad of cuddly American Idol favorite David Archuleta. That was Jeff in the crowd cheering his son into the final four of the top-rated talent contest last week.

Jeff is also the principal and founder of Arch Consulting Group, a Salt Lake City VAR, “specializing in locating and purchasing the highest quality of technical equipment through non-traditional channels.” In fact, Jeff’s company made its bones post-bubble by helping failed dot-coms liquidate IT assets while reconfiguring and reselling the gear at discount prices. It was a rare bit of initiative in a largely punishing environment for anyone connected with IT.

Finding that silver lining helped Jeff grow his business just as his son’s vocal talent was beginning to blossom. In 2002, David, then 12, was competing on Star Search. Jeff, a musician himself who refers to his son as “a reluctant singer,” started making plans to expand. With 80 percent of his business coming from asset recovery from failing technology companies, it seemed like the perfect time to make a long-term bet on both his business and his boy. Nice call, Jeff!

In 2006, Jeff Archuleta bought a 5,800-square foot building in Salt Lake City to house Arch Consulting along with Arch Music Group. Jeff told the Enterprise Business Newspaper in Salt Lake City that Arch Music would “seek out, nurture and promote young recording talent.”

“We’re trying to find local artists that are extremely talented but for logistical and financial reasons find it difficult or impossible to go to Nashville or Hollywood or New York to produce the quality of music that is required to compete commercially,” Jeff told the Enterprise. “I’m kind of putting out a blanket call to find songwriters and arrangers and producers, put together a team of people that can write and produce quality music that the artists here locally can record.”

Of his son, Jeff Archuleta said David is “an unbelievable talent, a gifted singing prodigy type of kid.”

Nobody who’s seen the unassuming, bashful young man with the big voice on American Idol can disagree. As Idol Judge Simon Cowell put it, David Archuleta is, “cute, he’s likeable, he’s got a big voice. He’s the one to beat.”

In fact, Idol will probably come down a contest between David Archuleta and rocker David Cook. But David A. has already won the hearts of the channel, and Jeff Archuleta continues to prove he’s one very lucky, very savvy VAR with a knack for making the most of whatever comes his way.

**UPDATE** David knocked it out of the park Tuesday night, finishing up with “Love Me Tender.” Probably the best he’s sounded since he did Lennon’s “Imagine” last month. Jeff’s days in the channel may be numbered. This kid is a star.