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There is a common love-hate relationship organizations have with observability tools. Many organizations appreciate the benefits these products bring, but often find themselves deterred by the high costs and complexity associated with them.

That’s the problem Axiom set out to solve.

In this episode of Channel Insider: Partner POV, host Katie Bavoso spoke with Kendall Miller, Chief Extrovert at Axiom, about how the company has managed to simplify and clarify observability and log management solutions for their clients.

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Axiom’s unique approach to observability

At the core of Axiom’s offering lies their innovative approach to data storage and observability. As Miller explains, Axiom saw the limitations of existing data stores supporting observability products and decided to build their own from scratch. This strategic decision has empowered Axiom to provide a more economical solution compared to traditional offerings in the market.

Miller emphasized, “There’s no hot storage, cold storage, hydrated data, dehydrated data — it’s all just data, and it can all be hot. It can all be live. You never need to pay extra for a certain kind of storage. At Axiom we can ingest that data and query it for ten years, the same way we can for ten days. And so it gives us a really unusual advantage in the observability space.”

This approach not only sets Axiom apart as a long-term storage solution but also as a cost-effective alternative for organizations looking to optimize their observability practices with greater ingestion and less sampling.

Just how cost-effective is Axiom?

On average, Miller shared, customers using Axiom can achieve a cost savings of up to 20 times compared to other observability solutions such as Amazon CloudWatch. This substantial cost difference underscores the transformative impact Axiom’s platform can have on an organization’s budget and operational efficiency. “If you’re spending too much on observability, you’re going to be shocked at the price savings that you get with us,” he said.

Axiom’s ideal customers and industry verticals

When it comes to Axiom’s ideal customer profile, the scope is broad, encompassing enterprises with significant long-term storage needs across various industries. “Anyone who’s running any kind of SaaS product or anything online needs a logging observability partner,” Miller said. Sectors like fintech, security, and e-commerce, which demand meticulous data tracking and analysis, can especially benefit from Axiom’s capabilities.

“One of our significant use cases involves e-commerce companies that require granular user interaction data tracking,” Miller shared. “Axiom’s ability to handle massive volumes of customer data efficiently and affordably positions us as a preferred choice for such organizations.”

Hyperscaling simplified with AWS and Axiom

As an example of how Axiom is able to help their clients simplify log management and achieve such dramatic cost savings, Miller shared the story of GPS tracking solution Hapn, a “heavy user of AWS Lambdas.” Lamba allows the almost instantaneous hyperscaling of workloads by the thousands or even tens of thousands — a tremendous force multiplier, until you need to log them all.

Hapn migrated that log process from Amazon’s CloudWatch to Axiom, and found Axiom much easier to use. Instead of having to navigate hot/cold storage and hydrated/dehydrated logs, they suddenly had “the ability to just have everything be queryable immediately — for as long as they need,” explained Miller.

And because of that freedom and flexibility, he continued, “they ended up going and writing an open source piece of software that enables the ingestion of serverless logs to Axiom — because it wasn’t a huge lift.”

It’s that kind of relationship that Axiom inspires in their partners. “I love when a partner goes and does that kind of thing,” Miller said, “where they’re a customer/partner and they’re actually building something for other customers to be able to use.”

Empowering IT channel partners

Axiom’s engagement with MSPs within the IT channel ecosystem showcases the company’s commitment to empowering partners to deliver value-added services to their clients. “Our product’s generational leap ahead of the competition makes it a compelling choice for organizations looking to enhance their observability practices and drive significant cost efficiencies,” Miller explained.

Axiom’s innovative approach to observability products and customer-centric focus has positioned the company as a trailblazer in the IT channel landscape. By addressing the fundamental challenges faced by organizations in managing and analyzing vast data volumes, Axiom has emerged as a transformative solution provider that empowers businesses to unlock new levels of operational efficiency and cost savings.

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