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Big data and security

1 - Big Data Analytics Comes to IT SecurityBig Data Analytics Comes to IT Security

Big data analytics is playing a crucial role in IT security, a new report from the Ponemon Institute and Cloudera finds.

2 - Maturity of IT SecurityMaturity of IT Security

Just under a third self-describe their IT security posture as mature while 40% say they are in the late stages of achieving that maturity.

3 - Level of IT Security ConfidenceLevel of IT Security Confidence

In terms of ability to identify attacks, 67% said they could spot web-based attacks, followed by application-level attacks, such as SQL injection, cross site scripting or remote file inclusion (63%), denial of services (56%) and network-borne threats (54%).

4 - Big Data's Role in IT SecurityBig Data’s Role in IT Security

A full 65% of respondents say the use of big data analytics is very important to ensuring a strong cyber-security posture.

5 - IT Security Benefits of Big DataIT Security Benefits of Big Data

Organizations are 2.25 times more likely to identify a security incident within hours or minutes when they are a heavy user of big data cyber-security analytics.

6 - IT Security Interest in Big DataIT Security Interest in Big Data

A full 81% of respondents say demand for big data for cyber-security analytics has significantly increased in the past 12 months.

7 - Obstacles to Cyber-security Analytics AdoptionObstacles to Cyber-security Analytics Adoption

Lack of in-house expertise (65%), insufficient technologies (60%) and insufficient resources (44%) are key obstacles to adoption.

8 - The Cyber-security Analytics ChallengeThe Cyber-security Analytics Challenge

Just about three-quarters describe cyber-security analytics as either extremely difficult to deploy (30%) or difficult to deploy (34%).

9 - Need for a New Cyber-security Analytics ApproachNeed for a New Cyber-security Analytics Approach

Just under three-fourths (72%) say it’s impossible to get ahead of modern threats by relying on legacy systems.

10 - Hadoop's Role in IT SecurityHadoop’s Role in IT Security

Nearly 3 in 10 (29%) of the IT security apps are using Hadoop to increase data volumes by more than 100%. Just under three-quarters (72%) are using Hadoop to increase data processing by more than 76%. Another 43% are using Hadoop to increase data access for analytics by more than 100%.

11 - Most Promising Use Cases for Big Data in IT SecurityMost Promising Use Cases for Big Data in IT Security

Applying machine learning algorithms to IT security was cited by 51%, followed closely by user behavioral analytics (50%), advance warning of attacks (48%) and the ability to identify more vulnerabilities faster (47%).

12 - IT Security BudgetsIT Security Budgets

Companies represented in this research are allocating an average $14.50 million to IT security in fiscal 2016. An average of $2.32 million (16%) of this budget is allocated to analytics tools.