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Silicon Valley cloud firm Nimbula updated its Infrastructure as a Service
Platform (IaaS) platform today and unveiled a number of new partnerships in
order to give users more simple control over their compute and storage

Immediately available, Nimbula
Director 1.5 now supports a geographically distributed cloud, offering users
the ability to manage a multi-site cloud from one console. Additionally, the
new offering features policy-based automation to streamline the request for
infrastructure resources, persistent block store with self-service
functionality and a customizable installer to package the platform with a
choice of operating system, drivers and management software.

In addition to the release, the company has been working on a number of key
partnerships to extend support for more use cases. New partnerships with
Atalanta Systems, Electric Cloud and Standing Cloud were nurtured to offer a
more robust platform for developers to build and deploy applications, while
deals with Gluster and Scality were made to build out the Nimbula ecosystem to
support persistent storage solutions. Improvements were made as follows:

  • Working together with Atalanta, Nimbula will integrate with Opscode Chef to orchestrate and manage workloads hosted on the Nimbula platform.
  • The partnership with Electric Cloud will give development teams better means to teams to manage and execute application build-test-deploy processes. ElectricCommander will automate these processes and provision Nimbula cloud environments; elastically provisioning, growing/shrinking and tearing them down as needed.
  • Teaming up with Standing Cloud, Nimbula now supports platform as a service based on Nimbula’s platform and Nimbula users will have access to more than 100 open source and commercial applications written in PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails and Python.
  • Nimbula’s new support of Gluster bolsters its platform’s ability to extend the network-attached storage (NAS) capabilities of environments based on its platform.
  • And the new support of Scality’s RING Organic Storage will give Nimbula users the ability to connect virtual machines to Scality’s object storage located in either a local or remote cluster.

"Nimbula is continuing its commitment in
building a rich, diverse partner base to serve the new use cases and solutions
enabled by cloud computing," said Reza Malekzadeh, vice president of
marketing at Nimbula. "We are able to strengthen our complete end-to-end
solution offerings by supporting PaaS and DevOps use cases for agile
application development and by supporting additional storage solutions."