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Check all your financial account balances and transactions in one place and get the big picture of where you stand with Mint. You can also set up a budget and Mint will suggest ways for you to save more or earn more.

2Google Voice

Get a single telephone number to ring your mobile phone, home phone and work phone, or change which phones it rings on the fly. Send the call to voicemail and have Google Voice transcribe it so you can view it in your inbox. It’s the promise of Unified Communications for free.

3Amazon Cloud Player

Keep your music in the cloud and access just the music you want today. Amazon Cloud Player mobile app lets you stream the music to your smartphone.


Amazon’s reader software is available for a multitude of devices including Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and more. Access your library of books or magazines from wherever you are.


Check out local businesses including restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and banks. Read reviews, get directions and check out any special offers or coupons. Ideal for when you are traveling.


Access all your instant messaging accounts from a single app. Ebuddy supports MSN, Yahoo, AIM, Gtalk, ICQ and Facebook.


Create your own radio station that plays the kind of music you like. Listen anywhere. Learn about other artists who you may like.

8Barcode scanner

Don’t go to the store without it. Scan barcodes and find out if your store is offering the best price. Check out reviews of the product.

9Gas buddy

Looking for cheap gas? Gas Buddy points out the best prices at the gas stations nearby.


Get movies and TV shows right on your phone or tablet. No more watching the boring medical commercials in the doctor’s waiting room.

11Google Maps

The essential classic. Find your way to your destination. Or if you are lost, figure out where you are again.