Privileged Account Takeovers Pose Major Risks

Cyber security

1 - Privileged Account Takeovers Pose Major RisksPrivileged Account Takeovers Pose Major Risks

Here’s a look at areas of high risk, such as privileged account takeovers, with which enterprises need help to improve their security.

2 - Account TakeoversAccount Takeovers

61% of respondents cited privileged account takeover as the most difficult stage of an attack to mitigate, up from 44% last year.

3 - Mitigation HeadachesMitigation Headaches

Other difficult attack stages to mitigate include malware installation (21%) and the reconnaissance phase (12%).

4 - Biggest Security ConcernsBiggest Security Concerns

38% of respondents cited stolen privileged or administrative accounts as their greatest security concern, followed by phishing attacks (27%) and malware on the network (23%).

5 - False SecurityFalse Security

55% of respondents believe they can detect a breach within a matter of days and 25% believe they can detect one within hours.

6 - Poor Security HabitsPoor Security Habits

48% believe poor employee security habits are to blame for data breaches, and 29% believe attackers are too sophisticated.

7 - Security ConfidenceSecurity Confidence

57% of respondents were confident in the security strategies set by their CEOs or boards of directors.

8 - Keeping Attackers at BayKeeping Attackers at Bay

44% of respondents say that they can prevent attackers from breaking into their networks.

9 - Greatest FearsGreatest Fears

72% of respondents reported password hijacking as the type of attack they were most concerned about, followed by phishing attacks (70%), SSH (Secure Shell) key hijacking (41%), Pass-the-Hash attacks (36%), Golden Ticket attacks (23%), Overpass-the-Hash attacks (18%) and Silver Ticket attacks (12%).

10 - Security DisconnectSecurity Disconnect

Only 51% of respondents have an automated privileged account management system in place across their organizations.

11 - Good Compliance Doesn't Equal Good SecurityGood Compliance Doesn’t Equal Good Security

90% of respondents believe that compliance with industry regulations does not do enough to prevent a breach.


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