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Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud Create Formidable Combo

The adoption of social, mobile, analytics and the cloud, collectively known as SMAC, has been rapidly accelerating across the enterprise, according to the findings of a new survey from IBM of 1...Read More

IT Outsourcing Landscape Continues to Shift

Many IT functions, from help desk to data center operations, have a long history of outsourcing, but a recent survey from Computer Economics suggests that, before taking that plunge, organizations should take a ...Read More

Federal Agencies Are at a Cloud Crossroads

Federal agencies want to double their cloud use, but 89 percent of federal IT professionals still feel some apprehension about migrating to the cloud, according to a report, "Cloud Control: Moving to the ...Read More

10 IT Vendor Partnerships That Might Surprise You

NEWS ANALYSIS: The channel is no stranger to partnerships that look a little unusual at first. Since time immemorial, solution providers have been delivering products and technologies from vendors that...Read More

Social Networking Figures Heavily in B2B Buying Decisions

Business executives rely on social media and social networks to a "surprisingly high degree" for help in making complex buying decisions, according to a recent study conducted by IDC, in pa...Read More

10 New Developments at Apple the Channel Should Know About

In recent months and years, Apple has become a surprisingly prominent figure in the security community. While the company has not seen major hacks to its services or software, it has delive...Read More

Continued Growth Is In Store for Managed Print Services

Nearly 3 trillion pages of paper were printed worldwide from desktop and multi-function print services in 2013, but print volumes may have reached their peak due to the prevalence of email, ...Read More

Strong Q2 M&A Climate Expected to Continue Through 2014

Corporate merger and acquisition deals in the tech sector are expected to continue to grow during the second half of 2014, following a thriving second quarter, according to a report from PwC. M...Read More

Tech Decision-Makers See Cloud as Key to IT's future

Cloud computing is considered to be the future of IT, according to nearly nine in 10 respondents to a survey conducted by Evolve IP, a communications and cloud services company. Of 1,250 cloud de...Read More

M&As Pick Up Steam in Cloud, Mobile, Analytics Spaces

Mergers and acquisitions in the tech sector mirror the transitions companies undergo as they address industry advances. A new report from Ernst & Young illustrates the frenzied pace M&As i...Read More
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