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1IT Averse to the Cloud Reactive to Other Risks

Reactive Cloud

The survey, conducted by ISACA, entitled “2010 ISACA IT Risk/Reward Barometer,” finds that many IT organizations are reluctant to take on the risks of cloud computing. And when IT organizations do address risk in general, it is often done reactive to regulation, rather than for strategic, proactive purposes.

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Why is IT Skittish?

However, because of a lack of control over data, infrastructure, etc., many IT professionals, according to ISACA’s survey results, are averse to cloud computing. Only 10% plan to use it for mission-critical IT services, and 26% will not use it at all.

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Compliance on Top of Mind

The ISACA survey also found that when it comes to managing risk in general, IT organizations are often doing so with compliance in mind 26%, rather than, say, return on investment (8%)

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Benefits of Cloud Deployment

IT thinks there are benefits to deploying the cloud – it appears to provide much-needed availability, scalability and efficiency of IT resources. In addition, the reduction in opex associated with lower total cost of ownership, increased efficiency, dynamic provisioning and pay-as-you-go services is a major bonus.

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Spending on Cloud

IT may be skittish about security and risk mitigation around cloud deployments, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be investing somewhere. Spending on cloud services will outpace traditional IT spending over the next five years, according to top-tier analyst firm, IDC.

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Keys to Cloud Computing Success

ISACA experts counsel IT organizations to be more proactive about managing risk, with an eye toward profitable growth. Cloud computing, for example, can succeed if treated as a major initiative involving many stakeholders.