Tech Industry IPOs Remain Strong in Q2

By Dennis McCafferty

The global market for tech company IPOs continues to thrive, as the number of offerings increased significantly in the second quarter of this year, according to recent research from PwC. The study, titled "Global Technology IPO Review," indicates that, despite the surge in IPOs, the proceeds raised from the offerings increased only modestly. (PwC attributes this primarily to a lack of headline-grabbing, billion-dollar offerings.) As usual, the Internet software and services market dominates tech sectors, with proceeds raised well-outpacing the second-strongest sector, software. It's also encouraging, PwC reports, that successful startups view IPOs as just one appealing source of late-stage funding, as many are turning to hedge funds, corporate venture arms and sovereign wealth funds, as well. As for the biggest IPO in the world for the second quarter? That would be Fitbit, a wearable tech company, which wrapped up its IPO in June. Channel Insider examines key findings from PwC's research (which is based on analysis of financial data obtained from S&P Capital IQ).

This article was originally published on 2015-08-26