Seven Tech Companies That Changed Their Names in 2013

By Sean M. Kerner

Finding the right name for a company is never easy. Company names, once chosen, however, are not set in stone and can be changed when it makes sense. During 2013, a number of technology vendors did just that. A primary reason for changing company names has to do with branding and product popularity. When a product that becomes synonymous with a company, there could be a branding challenge. Companies need to figure out whether the corporate brand is more powerful than individual product or platform brands. When it becomes obvious that an individual product brand is stronger than the corporate brand, tech vendors often begin to consider rebranding and renaming entire companies. That's what happened with multiple tech vendors in 2013 that concluded that their individual products were better known and had more brand equity than their own corporate brand. Among the notable technology vendors that changed their names in 2013 is smartphone pioneer Research In Motion (RIM), which re-named itself after its core product platform, BlackBerry. In this slide show, eWEEK looks at some companies that chose new names in 2013.

This article was originally published on 2014-01-02
Originally published on www.eweek.com.