10 Things the Channel Should Know About Microsoft

By Don Reisinger

Microsoft is in the midst of a rebirth, some say. The company has a new CEO in Satya Nadella; former CEO Steve Ballmer is officially out of the way; and there’s a good chance that device design and the cloud will prove to be the most important components in the company’s product line for the foreseeable future. Microsoft, in other words, is a changed company with a chance of both helping and harming the enterprise. For that reason, the channel needs to keep a close eye on the software giant. While Microsoft might have long been a key component in the channel, and could very well stay that way over the long haul, there’s also a good chance that the company’s change in direction and focus could have a big impact on the channel. In fact, right now, there are perhaps more question marks than answers about Microsoft’s future. Channel Insider examines Microsoft and discusses what the channel should know about a software giant that might soon be a cloud-and-device giant before it even thinks about software.

This article was originally published on 2014-03-18
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