10 Important Facts the Channel Should Know About Google

By Don Reisinger

To say that Google is now an important enterprise player is perhaps an understatement.  Yet Google poses a conundrum to some in the channel. The company was once just a search firm that would peddle ads that marketing departments used to boost business, but over the past several years, Google has built its empire across a range of markets, maximizing its effectiveness at taking on Microsoft and other tech giants and establishing itself as a clear contender in the corporate world.  Granted, Google doesn't have the long history with the channel that Dell, IBM, Hewlett-Packard and others have, and there's this sense in the community that with Google now making plays for the enterprise, the impact the channel could have on the average company is uncertain. Yet Tech Data, for example, is working with Google. The distributor manages Google's line of Chromebooks and offers other value-added services and training around the Google products for solution providers. There are many reasons for the channel to trust Google. Its products can be a great value-add for the channel and can improve its relationship with companies. Here are 10 fast facts on Google that the channel should know.

This article was originally published on 2014-05-22
Don Reisinger is a freelance technology columnist. He started writing about technology for Ziff-Davis' Gearlog.com. Since then, he has written extremely popular columns for CNET.com, Computerworld, InformationWeek, and others. He has appeared numerous times on national television to share his expertise with viewers. You can follow his every move at http://twitter.com/donreisinger.