Microsoft Maps Out Its Partner Priorities

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Microsoft cloud partners

NEWS ANALYSIS: Driving digital transformation and accelerating cloud adoption are top priorities for Microsoft's partners and its own sales organization.

To help partners achieve those goals, Microsoft also pledged to double the amount of compute resources it makes available on Azure for use by partners that want to build or deploy applications for their internal use. Microsoft is also opening up a new Professional Degree course through which partners can access training materials that will span a range of emerging application use cases.

In general, Microsoft is particularly focused on enterprise IT accounts where it already has a strong foothold. In Microsoft's view, getting those customers to deploy hybrid cloud computing solutions that leverage their previous investments is a clear differentiator between its strategy and an Amazon Web Services model that assumes every workload needs to run on a public cloud.

As evidence of Microsoft's success so far in that effort, the company now claims that more than 80 percent of the Fortune 500 are now using Microsoft Azure to one degree or another. Microsoft partners are now being tasked with expanding the overall Microsoft cloud footprint as quickly as possible.

"The cloud is no longer a nascent trend," said Shuster." It's the new normal."

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