IBM Cloud Analytics, Mobile Initiatives Launch for Business Partners

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At its IBM PartnerWorld Leadership Conference, Big Blue announced a series of cloud-based big data analytics and mobile initiatives for its global business partners.

LAS VEGAS — IBM announced that it is launching a new set of global initiatives to arm its ecosystem of business partners to embrace cloud, mobile and big data analytics technologies to generate new revenue streams with new buyers such as the chief marketing officer, chief of police and the chief financial officer.

IBM made this announcement at its PartnerWorld Leadership Conference 2013 here. IBM is making a significant commitment to help its business partners build innovative solutions that capitalize on advanced technologies enabling clients to tackle the next wave of data-intensive business challenges.

According to IDC, the IT industry has been transitioning to a new era of computing built on mobile, cloud services, social networking and big data analytics. In 2013, spending will exceed $2.1 trillion, driven by double-digit growth in mobile, cloud, big data and social technologies—and by growth in emerging markets. These are all key factors in IBM's overall growth strategy and core targets for Big Blue's 2015 road map.

IBM is launching a set of initiatives to prepare its global ecosystem to capture this growing market opportunity. As the digital consumer continues to demand a unique and personalized experience across multiple channels, IBM offers CMOs and marketers the tools necessary to turn mounds of big data into actionable insights. IBM is empowering its business partners with tools and new services to maximize the efficiency of their own digital marketing efforts and better serve their clients, especially small and midsize businesses in emerging markets such as India and Africa.

For instance, IBM is making a significant commitment to help its business partners build innovative solutions that take advantage of advanced technologies enabling clients to tackle the next wave of data-intensive business challenges.

IBM will now offer business partners one year of free access to cloud-based IBM Digital Analytics technology that helps businesses analyze big data to identify patterns in customer preferences and transform real-time marketing strategies to target the individual consumer more effectively. With this capability, businesses can mine data on interactions via Web, mobile and other digital channels, including interactions referred from all major social networks, to better adjust and personalize market campaigns based on that insight.

Also with this initiative, business partners will now have free access to this cloud-based technology to apply deep analytics to mine big data and enable them to compete in today's digital and social environment. IBM business partners in this program will also receive access to services to help them capture, qualify, prioritize and assign client leads more effectively, IBM officials said.

Meanwhile, the proliferation of 10 billion-plus mobile devices by 2020 is creating a sea change in the way businesses are engaging the consumer. IBM is launching a program to help business partners capture the growing mobile opportunity. The new initiative called Ready for IBM MobileFirst is designed to help IBM's business develop the right skills to bring innovative mobile solutions to the market in a variety of industries.

In health care, providing access to patient information via mobile devices can provide a more efficient and orchestrated care response, and in some cases, lead to more rapid or accurate diagnoses. With the Ready for IBM MobileFirst program, ISVs will be able to embed mobile technologies into their solutions with the Software Value Plus program, an initiative that rewards business partners who distinguish themselves through industry skills and solutions. IBM will also offer mobile certifications, workshops and incentives for resellers and systems integrators.

"As the retail environment has dramatically changed with the proliferation of mobile devices and social media, this is presenting new opportunities for our clients in the retail industry to engage with their consumers in new ways," said Teresa Zobrist, CEO of Zobrist Consulting. "We see IBM taking another significant step in providing its business partners with unmatched skills, technology and expertise to capture new market opportunities, evolve and innovate as the markets do."