Fast Facts about Top IT Companies

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  • IBM

    25 Facts You Should Know About IBM

    By Gina Roos

    IBM has been an IT leader for decades by continually reinventing itself as new technologies and trends emerge. Once again, IBM is facing another major transformation as it goes full throttle to bolster its services and products in three key areas:......

  • HP

    25 Facts Partners Should Know About HP

    By Gina Roos

    UPDATED Oct. 21, 2014: As HP approached the fourth year of its five-year turnaround plan, CEO Meg Whitman announced the company would be split into two separate companies by the end of its fiscal year 2015 next fall.  One company, HP Inc., will......

  • Apple

    10 New Developments at Apple the Channel Should Know About

    By Don Reisinger

    In recent months and years, Apple has become a surprisingly prominent figure in the security community. While the company has not seen major hacks to its services or software, it has delivered new devices that, in one way or another, attempt to......

  • Google

    10 Important Facts the Channel Should Know About Google

    By Don Reisinger

    To say that Google is now an important enterprise player is perhaps an understatement.  Yet Google poses a conundrum to some in the channel. The company was once just a search firm that would peddle ads that marketing departments used to boost......

  • Dell

    10 Important Ways a Now-Private Dell Inc. Is Changing

    By Michael Vizard

    NEWS ANALYSIS: Since becoming a private company in October 2013, Dell Inc. has been investing heavily in the channel while, at the same time, becoming much more aggressive when it comes to pricing. The result seems to be marked gains in just about......

  • Apple

    10 Important Facts About Apple in the Enterprise

    By Michael Vizard

    Most Apple products find their way into the enterprise with help from solution providers in the channel. With so many Apple products now in use, a significant opportunity to provide IT management services for Apple devices has emerged. A recent......

  • Apple-IBM

    10 Important Facts to Know About the IBM-Apple Alliance

    By Michael Vizard

    From a channel perspective, the power of the IBM mobile computing alliance with Apple comes down to the 100,000 IBM consultants that will soon be in the field promoting the development and use of Apple mobile applications. Apple claims that more......

  • Microsoft

    10 Things the Channel Should Know About Microsoft

    By Don Reisinger

    Microsoft is in the midst of a rebirth, some say. The company has a new CEO in Satya Nadella; former CEO Steve Ballmer is officially out of the way; and there’s a good chance that device design and the cloud will prove to be the most important......

  • Oracle

    25 Facts You Should Know About Oracle

    By Gina Roos

    Oracle's wild ride, with significant highs and lows, has taken the company from a small database management firm more than 30 years ago to a power player in the cloud industry today. In between, Oracle transitioned itself from a database and......